What is PHP?

PHP stands for PHP: Hypertext pre-processor, with that PHP standing for Personal Home Page [Tools]. This type of acronym is known as a retronym. Originally, in 1994, the language was designed as a small set of binaries used to collect some basic site traffic data. In 1997 the parser was rewritten by two Israelis and the name was changed to the current acronym - it being determined that hypertext pre-processor was a decidedly more acceptable name in the business world. s for C++ developers.

Start PHP:-
Install Apache (or IIS) on your own server, install PHP, and MySQL
Download PHP, MySQL Database, Apche server




Download PHP installation guide from here

First PHP WebPage
echo "Hello World";

Here is same tag as html but here a new tag which is , this tag use for php codes. echo is a function which print "Hello World" on web page.
Save the above code with firstphp.php name in php root directory where you install PHP earlier and open it on browser.

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