Pointer in c

In C language, a pointer is a variable that points to or references a memory location in which data is stored. Each memory cell in the computer has an address which can be used to access its location.  A pointer variable points to a memory location. By making use of pointer, we can access and change the contents of the memory location.     

A pointer is a variable which contains the address in memory of another variable. We can have a pointer to any variable type.

The unary or monadic operator & gives the ``address of a variable''.

The indirection or dereference operator * gives the ``contents of an object pointed to by a pointer''.

To declare a pointer to a variable do:

int *pointer;


int x = 1, y = 2;

int *ip;

ip = &x;

y = *ip;

x = ip;

*ip = 3;        


/* A program to illustrate pointer declaration */ 


int *ptr; 

int sum; 



printf ("n sum variable value is %dn", sum); 

printf ("n The 'ptr' pointer variable value is %d", ptr); 


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