Structure in c++

In some programming contexts, you need to access multiple data types under a single name for easier data manipulation; for example you want to refer to address with multiple data like house number, street, zip code, country. C supports structure which allows you to wrap one or more variables with different data types. A structure can contain any valid data types like int, char, float even arrays or even other structures. Each variable in structure is called a structure member. 

Defining Structure

struct address

int house_number; 

char street_name[50];

int zip_code; 

char country[50]; 


Declaration of Structure

struct struct_name 




} ins1,ins2, insn;


struct struct_name ins1,ins2, insn;



struct struct_name 


int i;

char a[10];

} ins1,ins2, insn;

void main()



strcpy(ins1.a, "Hello");


strcpy(ins2.a, "Hello1");


Here in the above example we create 3 object (ins1,ins2,insn) and store data in 2 (ins1 and ins2).

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